GB Forums & Lectures

Grace Forum

The Grace Forum is to engage the public in reflection and dialogue on the key issues of our day through the lens of the Christian faith to contribute to the liberation and transformation of society. The forum consists of the Grace Lectures, Conversations on Public Affairs, and Book Discussions.

Lectures At Grace

There are few opportunities to grapple with, reflect on, and discuss fully what matters most. The lectures at Grace endeavor to inform, cultivate and disseminate the best of Christian thought to help the public to think, live and work, thoughtfully.  It includes the Emancipation, Sam Sharpe Matters, and the Annual Grace Lectures.

The Annual Grace Lecture

The Annual Grace Lecture is a series of lectures on the role, place, and contributions of the Caribbean Diaspora Church to the Black Atlantic World and this Society and Culture.

Conversations on Public Affairs & Book Discussion

Our conversation series include panel and book discussions as opportunities to foster, inform, and engage public understanding of the relationship between faith and society.

Sam Sharpe Matters

The Sam Sharpe Matters is a lecture series based on the life and work of the freedom fighter and liberator, Sam Sharpe, and its significance for contemporary society and the continued struggle for Black liberation.


We believe in the inseparability of emancipation and independence.  Emancipation is the work of God in history.  God liberated us from the oppression of Euro-American slavery just as God liberated biblical Israel from slavery in Egypt.  The church as an agent of liberation observes this historic event with an annual emancipation lecture.  

The Annual Emancipation Lecture is a celebrative reflection on our history, achievements and freedom. This requires critical and sustained thinking on the meaning and interpretation of our history, heritage, and experience to deepen our understanding of freedom and inspire hopeful engagements for continued growth, development and advancement.