GB Ministry


Worship of God is the center of our life at Grace Baptist Chapel and the source that undergirds and nourishes all our ministries. Grace’s tradition of thoughtful and relevant preaching, diverse programs, and warm fellowship lead us to create a community of faith that endeavors to embody the body of the Kingdom of God.



  • Weddings
  • Dedications
  • Christenings
  • Funerals
  • Memorials


  • Ash Wednesday
  • Holy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Palm Sunday
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Watch Night
  • Anniversary
  • Ingathering
(St. Matthew 28: 18-20; Acts 1:8; 2 Timothy 4:5)

Public Witness (Outreach)

In obedience to our Lord’s command to go into all the world and bear witness to Him, we endeavor to be engaged in public witness.  Public witness seeks to transform persons and society through, but not limited to: corporal acts of grace (feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, comforting the sorrowful), evangelism, hospitality, and prophetic engagement.

(Acts 2:42).


We believe our faith demands that we grow not only in relationship with, but also to encourage and support each other.
Fellowship provides food to nurture our souls, strength to live the faith, and cultivates relationships and opportunities to learn.

Opportunities to Serve

Just as the church is not the community it is called to be until it reaches out and offers itself to the world, we will not grow into the persons God calls us to be until we reach out and offer ourselves to serve others.  Therefore, the members of our church are welcomed and encouraged to serve in the various ministry opportunities of the church.

Congregational Care

One way we express our identity as Christians is by caring for others.  We believe God calls us to be a loving and caring community to all our congregants, parishioners, and wider community.  We seek to be an embodiment of God’s presence of hope and an agent of life.  Some of the ways we fulfill this purpose is through:


  • Pastoral Care
  • Marriage
  • Youth
  • Mental Health
  • Grief



Christian Education/Learning

The Christian life is a journey, one we all take together, and at Grace Baptist Chapel we encourage everyone to explore opportunities to grow in their faith.  We believe that Christian Education is central to nourish and grow the faith of everyone who comes to us seeking to know God. The Christian education ministry offers a wide range of educational opportunities for children, youth and adults.


Bible study is essential to the Christian life. It helps to explore our faith, understand and address the issues of life, and foster a life-long process of growing in the Christian faith.


Sunday school invites adults, youth and children to explore the Word of God, by learning how to read, interpret, and understand the Bible and their faith.


Our junior church encourages and enables our children and youth to participate fully in the life of our church, as well as support parents as they nurture their children physically, socially, and spiritually.


Education and faith are the strong foundations of our Christian experience.