We celebrate America’s civil rights activist and non-violent leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was born on January 15, 1929, and was assassinated on April 4, 1968. A Baptist minister by profession, he was a pioneer of human rights and a freedom fighter who advocated for change by non-violent means. His life and preaching were patterned after the life of our Lord and Savior. He left behind sermons and speeches which are so fitting in everyday life in today’s America: 

A Knock at Midnight, which focuses on St. Luke 11, deals with a lesson spoken in parable form. To watch the video, Click Martin Luther King Jr. “A Knock at Midnight” – February 11, 1962 – YouTube

The Three Evils of Society illustrates the political state in America, which is evident in our country today. He spoke about the dark hour of common concern in the country’s affairs. To watch the video, Click Martin Luther King The Three Evils of Society – YouTube

The Other America highlights the difference in treatment among the white, Black, and Brown people in America concerning the justice system, the rich, and the well-connected. To watch the video, Click Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Stanford – “The other America” 1967 – YouTube

Dr. King was persecuted by the justice system and eventually assassinated for his preaching, beliefs, and teachings. However, his works still live on and provide the framework for America to reevaluate its current state.